About Us


The Office of Homeless Services (OHS) has earned a national reputation as a model public housing agency, creating innovative programs that provide emergency housing and aid to people who are experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness.

The mission of the Office of Homeless Services (Homeless Services) is to provide the leadership, coordination, planning and mobilization of resources to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring in the City of Philadelphia.

Homeless Services supports:

  • 24 emergency housing facilities for singles and families with a total capacity of 2,622 beds;
  • 16 transitional housing programs which housed 495 households in FY16;
  • Permanent Supportive Housing with an 88 percent success rate for singles and 97 percent success rate for families in preventing a return to homelessness;
  • Homeless intake which sees 20,000 people a year, diverting 40 percent from shelter entry;
  • Financial assistance for 824 households to prevent homelessness; and
  • Rapidly Re-housed 339 Rapidly Re-housed households with an 85 percent success rate in preventing a return to homelessness.

Homeless Services works collaboratively with more than 60 mostly nonprofit homeless housing and service providers, city, state and federal government entities to comprise Philadelphia’s homeless service system. This system provides emergency housing and services to people who are both homeless and at imminent risk of homelessness. It includes homelessness prevention and diversion, short and long-term rental assistance both with and without case management.

We are now developing a holistic, transparent, representative, infrastructure for action on homelessness, panhandling, and outdoor meal service to make our shared public spaces safe and secure for all.