Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a data management system used to collect information about persons and families experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness. The information, or data, is collected to provide housing and services to this population. Each Continuum of Care (CoC) is responsible for selecting an HMIS software solution that complies with HUD’s data collection, management and reporting standards.

Philadelphia’s HMIS is called Client Track. HMIS is used to:

  • Produce an unduplicated count of persons experiencing homelessness for each CoC
  • Describe the extent and nature of homelessness locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Identify patterns of service use
  • Measure program effectiveness

Providing and Maintaining Systems and Supporting Users

Our goal is to ensure that our provider agencies have access to a fully functioning HMIS. Our HMIS Lead and Project Managers work hand in hand with our HMIS vendor to:

  • Design processes to achieve goals and support clients
  • Design and monitor processes for maintenance of HMIS
  • Develop configuration of the HMIS database to meet needs
  • Provide technical assistance


Our goal is to align the providers with the process so that every agency can confidently produce data that is consistent and compliant. Training is provided on:

  • Standard HMIS operating procedures
  • HMIS software features
  • Client privacy, consent policies and procedures
  • Report generation.

Data Analysis

Our goal is to assist agencies in inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modeling their data. This process supports each agency’s ability to discover information they can use to draw conclusions and make decisions regarding practices. We are dedicated to the maintenance of quality data.


Dedicated to assisting agencies by performing quality review of HMIS records to monitor program compliance, our Data Reporting Manager:

  • Manages client merges and de-duplication processes
  • Ensures system is properly configured to calculate reports
  • Develops, generates, and distributes APR and various project reports
  • Maintains a report library

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