HOME-ARP draft allocation plan (English and Spanish)

The Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services has drafted a plan to use federal homeless assistance funds known as HOME-ARP.
La Oficina de servicios para las personas sin hogar ha creado una propuesta para la utilización de fondos federales conocidos como HOME-ARP.

Draft HOME-ARP Executive SummaryA draft plan on how to allocate HOME-ARP funds to provide long-term housing and services to Philadelphians experiencing homelessness.PDF
Borrador del plan de asignación HOME-ARPUn plan preliminar sobre cómo asignar fondos de HOME-ARP para proporcionar viviendas a largo plazo y servicios a los habitantes de Filadelfia que se encuentran sin hogar.PDF
Draft HOME-ARP Executive SummaryA summary of the HOME-ARP draft allocation plan for Philadelphia, an overview of the federal program, and an invitation for public comments and a community meeting.PDF
Resumen ejecutivo del borrador HOME-ARPUn resumen del programa federal HOME-ARP, del borrador del plan de asignación de estos fondos para Filadelfia, así como un llamado a aportar comentarios y participar en una reunión comunitaria.PDF
HOME-ARP InfographicThis explains HOME-ARP and the services this federal homeless assistance program can fund. It also explains what activities and populations Philadelphians want to prioritize.PDF
Infografía HOME-ARPUna explicación de HOME-ARP, los servicios que este programa federal de asistencia para personas sin hogar puede financiar, así como las actividades y personas que los residentes de Filadelfia quieren priorizar.PDF

2020 Annual Report

Read about our progress in:

  • helping families and youth
  • creating innovative programs
  • fostering LGBTQ inclusion
  • helping immigrant and refugee communities
  • transforming our system
  • increasing meal access
  • addressing opioid-related homelessness

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Roadmap to Homes

The five-year plan for Philadelphia’s homeless assistance system demonstrates new resolve to tackle homelessness in all its complexity. The plan is pragmatic and actionable. It reflects a dramatic shift toward a strategic, system-wide approach that coordinates efforts, reduces duplication and increases efficiency, especially in the use of resources. It boldly lays out our  community’s commitment to maximize impact over the next five years based on a person-centered, data-driven approach to doing what works.

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