Facing Homelessness

100-day street homelessness challenge posters

Are you facing or experiencing homelessness? Do you need to find a place to stay? We have information on emergency housing.

Are you facing eviction? Do you want to stay in your home? We have information on cash assistance with rent, with mortgages and with utility bills. For additional resources on tenant rights, visit the Philadelphia Eviction Prevention Project.

Do you need to find an affordable personal care home for yourself or a loved one? Check out Riverview Personal Care Home.

Do you have a disability? Our intake sites are accessible and persons with mobility challenges should go to the appropriate intake site and we will work to address your housing crisis.

Are you in an abusive relationship and need help. Click here for information.

Philly Vets Home is a public and private collaboration that achieved an effective end to homelessness among veterans in December 2015. It continues to work to sustain efforts to assist housing crises for persons who have served our country.  If you have served in active duty more than one day, and need assistance to prevent or end homelessness, you may be eligible for housing resources through Philly Vets Home partners.  The central intake for veterans is Veterans Multi-Service Center, 213-217 N. 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106; 215-923-2600


Our Emergency Assistance and Response Unit (EARU) provides assistance to families and persons who are at risk of becoming homeless or facing a housing crisis. The crises may include, but are not limited to:

  • Housing that has been declared unfit for human habitation or imminently dangerous; properties collapsed due to serious structural defects as declared by License and Inspections (L & I) and cease operations (Must have L & I referral).
  • Residences condemned by the City Health Department due to lead poisoning or other chemical contaminations (Must have Health Department referral).
  • Homes severely damaged or destroyed by fire or other disasters (Must have Red Cross referral).
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Persons and families not suitable for shelter due to physical, medical, mental illness disabilities (Must have appropriate documentation.)
  • Eviction/Notice to Vacate (Must have court eviction notice.)