Read some of the coverage in the press about the Office of Homeless Services and our efforts to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring for the City of Philadelphia.

April 1, 2019

City has helped some people displaced during encampment sweeps. But what about the others?

Joshua Brown panhandles outside the SEPTA station at 8th and Market streets. He says a desire to get clean is trumped by missing out on the next big score. | Image: Courtenay Harris Bond

Growth of Philadelphia’s homeless population slowing, officials say

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The numbers are now in from Philadelphia’s annual count of homeless people out on the streets of the city, and city officials say they show some progress.

Study examines effects of city program to evict homeless encampments

An independent study on the demographics of people living in recently evicted homeless encampments showed that many were Philadelphians, and many suffered from addiction, according to a statement released by the city Tuesday.

When Philly shuts down its winter beds, there’s not enough housing to go around

Michaela Winberg, Billy Penn WHYY
When winter starts to wind down, providers kick it into high gear, attempting to engage shelter residents in long-term housing programs before their seasonal stay ends.

Addressing homelessness at Philadelphia’s transit hubs

Kenneth Crafton has been homeless for three years. Tonight he’ll sleep inside the station on 15th and John F. Kennedy Boulevard.  When asked why he said, “Because it’s warm down here and people can come down here and eat. Sometimes social services comes down here and does some things, people come down here and give you clothes.”

Report finds Kensington homeless encampments not just a symptom of opioid crisis

Among the findings were that three-quarters of those surveyed struggled with opioid use, and that 40 percent had been homeless for more than a year. That, the researchers said, suggests the encampments were not just products of the opioid crisis, but also of broader issues that lead to homelessness.

February 1, 2019

Philadelphia officials work to clear homeless encampments, support residents

FOX29 Good Day Philadelphia | Mike Jerrick, Alex Holley, Hank Flynn

Features OHS Director Liz Hersh explaining Philadelphia’s encampment pilot and how Philly’s innovative, compassionate solutions are creating a message of hope and resolution.

January 31, 2019

Amid bitter cold, Philly closes last Kensington encampment

WHYY | Joel Wolfram

Elevates the work of the City, homeless outreach workers, police, and OHS partners including Prevention Point and Pathways to Housing PA.

Philadelphia’s last major drug encampment closes in bitter cold, but the opioid crisis persists

Philadelphia Inquirer | Aubrey Whelan

Walks through the Emerald Street encampment closure and the City’s encampment pilot as well as elevating work of outreach workers and OHS partner Prevention Point

Workers clean out last major homeless encampment in Kensington

KYW Newsradio 1060 | Tim Jimenez

Highlights City collaboration with neighborhood residents and work of OHS and outreach.

Philadelphia City workers finish cleanup of Emerald Street homeless camp

6ABC | Bob Brooks

Focuses on closure and work of police and OHS, features lived experience perspective from Dante Jones.

How to help when cold weather forces Philadelphia into Code Blue

Philadelphia Inquirer | Grace Dickinson

Elevates work of OHS partners and Hub of Hope, promotes homeless outreach as primary route to help others, offers ways to volunteer and support OHS partners. Appeared in print on February 1.

After record cold, nuisance snow, could temperatures really go from 7 to 60? | Anthony R. Wood, Henry Savage

General interest weather story that highlights OHS commitment to doing whatever necessary to keep people experiencing homelessness safe during Code Blue.

Outreach teams working around the clock to shelter homeless during bitter cold night

CBS Philly | Greg Argos

Elevates work of OHS partner Project HOME and homeless outreach staff.

South Street theater screened films for homeless during Code Blue Nights

WHYY | Kyrie Greenberg

Covers small local row about a theater on South Street functioning as de facto overnight cafe and provides general info about Code Blue and outreach.

Dangerous cold puts the homeless at risk

NBC10 | Keith Jones

Provides information about homeless outreach walking the beat during Code Blue along with faith-based groups providing clothing and food on their own.



January 30, 2019

City pushes to move homeless into shelters during brutal cold

6ABC | Bob Brooks

Highlights the work of outreach and OHS partners and talks about the Emerald Street encampment closure about to occur.

Why South Street Cinema’s Code Blue nights for homeless Philadelphians got shut down

Billy Penn | Michaela Winberg

Covers local row about theater on South Street functioning as de facto overnight cafe, provides general info about Code Blue and regulatory structures governing City-funded shelters.

January 28, 2019

Snow, rain, deep freeze in store for Philly region this week; City declares a Code Blue | Joseph A. Gambardello

General weather story providing Code Blue information and outreach hotline.

Dangerously cold weather returns to Philly this week

Metro Philadelphia | Michael Butler

Provides general information about outreach and Code Blue, including how to request outreach teams.

A community-supported fatality review might reduce overdose deaths in Philadelphia

Generocity | Grace Shallow

Looks at proposal to create fatality review board for overdoses and extensively uses the City’s homeless death review board and its history and operations as an example.

January 27, 2019

Philadelphia’s annual homeless count reveals new realities about the opioid crisis

Philadelphia Inquirer | Aubrey Whelan

Covers the Point-in-Time Count tying into the opioid crisis and Kensington specifically, highlighting work of OHS, homeless outreach, and OHS partner Prevention Point.