September 2018

Philadelphia’s Five Year Strategic Plan for the Homeless Assistance System

The new five-year plan for Philadelphia’s homeless assistance system demonstrates new resolve to tackle homelessness in all its complexity. The plan is pragmatic and actionable. It reflects a dramatic shift toward a strategic, system-wide approach that coordinates efforts, reduces duplication and increases efficiency, especially in the use of resources. It boldly lays out our  community’s commitment to maximize impact over the next five years based on a person-centered, data-driven approach to doing what works. To view as a PDF file, click here.

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July 2018

Office of Homeless Services 2017 Annual Report

Our first ever Annual Report is out! “This report is for all of our stakeholders. You are a stakeholder if the quality of our performance in the Office of Homeless Services (OHS) can make positive things happen for you, your organization, or community” – Liz Hersh, Director

You may download the 2017 Annual Report as an Acrobat PDF file or click on the heading above to view it as an e-book.