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Home4Good Provider Grant Application
New funding opportunity for Homeless Service Providers. Deadline July 19, 2019

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Home4Good RFP

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh (FHLB Pittsburgh) has announced a funding opportunity for Homeless Service Providers throughout Pennsylvania in a collaborative effort with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA). The $4.5 million initiative, labeled “Home4Good,” will provide much needed funding to projects, programs, or activities that focus on the following goals:

  1. Prevent homelessness: Assist households at risk for homelessness by maintaining their current housing or divert them to alternative, safe options
  2. Solicit innovative solutions to end homelessness
  3. Address critical needs throughout the Commonwealth: Projects, programs, or activities determined to be critically needed by the Philadelphia CoC

The highlight of this grant is that the eligible uses for the funding are flexible. This will allow for organizations to fill gaps in assistance needs that other funding sources can’t cover.  The grant award is based on population. It is anticipated the Philadelphia CoC will be awarded between $750,000 to $1.5 million.

Based on the CoC’s most recent needs assessment and understanding of system-wide needs, the following have been identified as this year’s priorities to fill housing and service gaps in Philadelphia’s homeless assistance system:

I. Project renewals from last year’s Home4Good grant recipients

II. Assistance at various parts of the homeless assistance system to divert people from emergency shelter, the street, or places not meant for human habitation, including:

      1. People facing eviction
      2. People in emergency and temporary housing programs who need financial support to pay rental and utility arrears or security deposits to transition to permanent housing
      3. People re-entering the community from the criminal justice system
      4. People with complex medical problems

III. Low barrier employment and supportive services specifically in Rapid, TH, and PSH:

      1. Increase low barrier job placement short and long term.
      2. Skills development
      3. Career advisement/counseling
      4. Peer support to navigate employment needs.
      5. Increasing income

IV. Programs to serve the unique needs of Immigrants and Refugees experiencing homelessness.

V. Increase in successful housing placement.

However, this should not limit the ideas you submit. Be creative!

Attend the Home4Good Briefing Session Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 at 3pm Rooms X, Y 16th floor, 1401 JFK blvd. to be updated on OHS’ Home4Good RFP process.

For MORE INFORMATION about this opportunity, visit: https://www.fhlb-pgh.com/Home4Good

To ACCESS INFORMATION about Home4Good, such as FAQs, PHFA Home4Good PowerPoint presentation, and other assorted materials, visit: https://www.phfa.org/mhp/serviceprovider/

To CONTACT Philadelphia CoC, the Office of Homeless Services, email: Leticia.Devonish@phila.gov

Proposal submission materials are listed here. Please download and complete the following documents: